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        水處理設備廠家 >> News >> Health Guide: gains and healthy way of drinking water
        Health Guide: gains and healthy way of drinking water

        Health Guide: gains and healthy way of drinking water

        On how to drink plenty of water, there are many pay attention to, the following to see how we can correct and effective water
               First of all, truly effective water absorption can be truly effective the body.
               Breath drinking a glass of water
               Truly effective method of drinking water, is the breath (or one-off) will be a full glass of water (approximately 200-250 ml) finish, rather than a quick drink two to give, so the body can make use of real absorption. Of course, the so-called one-off drinking water does not have to breath. If only a quick drink to quench thirst 12, the body is grossly inadequate.
        Secondly, the drink of water?
        Good drinking water
               Avoid consumption of a variety of distilled water (usually distilled water too acid, easily harm the body, the kidney is even more unfavorable to the weaker), optional high-quality mineral water. If you can, drink Alkaline water most beneficial to the human body; otherwise, the home cooked drink filtered water filter no harm.
               Ordinary life, drinking fountains were common. Also, because drinking caused by improper use of small disorders are increasingly apparent, therefore, greatly accelerates here to remind you that drinking water must be alert to five errors.
              Drink warm water
               Heat of summer, many people would choose to drink ice water. In fact, negative ice water on stomach function, drinking warm water is more beneficial because it helps the body absorb.
               Again, how drinking water?
               Water fasting
               Of course, the water can at any time, often only thirst-quenching drink only when thirsty, not 濟事. Effective when water is consumed in the fasting, water will flow directly from the digestive tract in, absorbed by the body; eat before drinking water, on the role of health compare fasting water.
        Can receive up to
               Employees, and often neglected because of the working relationship between drinking water, specifically to remind our friends in this not to "often go to the toilet" as an excuse to avoid water. If this trend continues, the bladder and kidneys are damaged easily lead to back pain.
        Health Tips: water schedule, experts recommend a "drinking schedule" is provided to you for reference.
               6:30 After a night of sleep, the body began to water, up the occasion of the first drink 250CC of water, can help the kidney and liver detoxification.
               To the office from early morning to get up at 8:30 the process, time is always very tight, emotions are more tense, the body would effectively dehydration, so to the office, do not rush coffee first, give yourself at least 250CC cup of water!
               11:00 Working in air-conditioned room for some time, must take advantage of moving up and moving, when to give himself a third glass of water a day, replenish moisture and help relax tense morale!
               12:50 spent half an hour after lunch, drink some water, can enhance the body's digestion.
               15:00 to replace the tea with a glass of mineral water, coffee, health and other refreshing drinks it! To refresh.
               17:30 before leaving the office after work, drink a glass of water, increase satiety, will be eating dinner, naturally, not overeating.
               22:00 to half an hour before bedtime drink a glass of water! 2000CC water intake today was. But do not drink too much at one go, so as not to affect the quality of sleep at night on the toilet.
               The best time to water every day four
               Water is to maintain normal metabolic activity of the human body and physiological functions of the material necessary for one people every day to the lungs, skin moisture evaporation, water by the kidneys and feces, the body must lose the amount of water each day about 1500 ml. Hot summer climate, outdoor activities, outdoor work often sweating more, and thus more body water loss. Experts remind that you must not wait until thirsty before drinking water, especially in the elderly must take the initiative to develop a drinking habit that I have time to drink water when thirsty.
               That's because the elderly of their response to dehydration appears to reduce the resistance to thirst. When the body issued a thirsty "signal" when the more serious water shortage is already in the state of the. The main reason is the premature loss of water, the body in the water when the body will reduce blood volume, decreased cardiac perfusion pressure, myocardial ischemia, likely to cause myocardial damage. In addition, when the body water, sweat and urine will be reduced, it will affect the excretion of metabolic products, causing harmful substances accumulate in the body, so that the human body to chronic poisoning. Thus, water uptake both timely, but also appropriate.
               Experts remind that, under normal circumstances, a small amount of water many times better, a lot of water will harm the human body in many serious cases, lead to body water and electrolyte balance disorder, or even water intoxication. Therefore, we must usually take the initiative to develop the good habit of drinking water a day after getting up in the morning, around 10:00, at 3-4 points before going to bed at night the four "best time to water" to drink 1 to 2 cups boiled water, the more sweat, exercise, or after a bath should also pay attention in time to add water.
               In addition, eat more vegetables and fruits are also an effective way to add water, add the water while also providing the necessary minerals and other nutrients, can be said to serve multiple purposes.
        Do not water four to four
               To regular drinking water, not only think of drinking when thirsty.
               The warm salt water to drink, not ice water.
               To drink water, do not drink unboiled water.
               Drink fresh water, do not drink the water place too long.

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